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Khimjibhai Samat in KRV fashion show 2006



Monghiben Rana in KRV fashion show 2010



KARVADA members in KRV fashion show 2009




KRV graduates play a key role in Kala Raksha’s quest to raise the value of art and artisan. Increased sales of graduates’ collections, their tapping new markets and taking artistic risks have been highly encouraging. KRV graduates have achieved recognition.
Chamanbhai: “Now I have my own name”


In 2008 the men alumni formed KARVADA, The Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya Artisan Designers Association, as a platform for marketing and development. The organization was registered as a Society in 2013. Women alumni began designer internships at Kala Raksha sponsored by the COMO Foundation. This year, design interns are sponsored by Reena and Neeru Nanda.

KRV Impact
In 2007, Ashoke Chatterjee, former Director, National Institute of Design (NID), evaluated the Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya program. The thorough analysis of the project has been the basis of a plan for scaling up the institute. A copy of the evaluation and scaling up plan are available on request.


In 2010, Kala Raksha began a survey of graduates. In March 2011, a follow up Assessment of women graduates from 2006-2010 was prepared, including products designed over the years, and the work of COMO sponsored design interns.  With the exception of artisans impacted by major industry, women graduates of KRV have clearly been able to increase their income after completing the course, from 4% to six times. Women have gained self confidence, emerged as distinct individuals with recognized capabilities.  This favors them being chosen to participate in internships, workshops, interactions with guests, and exhibitions, and a mutually reinforcing professionalism has developed among the graduates.  This report is also available on request. In 2012, the survey of male graduates was updated. Excerpts follow:

  • 100% of artisan graduates have benefitted from the course. All have gained a new perspective for their craft, and learned to be open minded and observe design in everything they see.

  • 100% of KRV graduates have gained confidence in terms of understanding the requirements of clients, creating new designs based on themes, and experimenting with colours and materials.

  • 56% of KRV graduates have grown in their designing capabilities.

  • 25% of KRV graduates have started their own independent businesses post graduation.

  • 9% have helped their family businesses take new directions.

  • 13% have had an increase of 10% to 20% in income.

  • 7% have had an increase of 21% to 40% in income.

  • 7% have had an increase of 40% to 60% in income.

  • 5% have had an increase of 61% to 80% in income.

  • 5% have had an increase of 100% in income.

  • 9% had an increase of 300% in income.

  • 100% feel that the campus of the Vidhyalaya should be shifted from its present location.

The full report is available on request.


“I continue to use colour and concept class inputs. I make use of telling a story through my work. If I am inspired by something, I try and see different variations, products and layouts through that inspiration. I have begun making saris, and enjoy that.  I feel saris are a beautiful dress for women and an identity of India, and my best sales are in saris. Batik should become recognized as a craft of Kutch, and if this is supported thru KRV it would be great.” - Anwar Hussain Abdul Rajaqbhai Khatri, 2010


"The KRV initiative is great. We are where we are because of this idea. The monopoly of the older artisans was broken and today small artisans are being recognized and are becoming successful at business if they are interested.”

- Suleman Umarfaruqbhai Kahtri, 2008


“Before taking the KRV course I was doing job work for another artisan and I hardly knew much about my craft.  But I knew the technique, so now I can both design and produce. I have started on my own, and now I am making designs for the local market and for designer markets.” - Abdulla Eliyas Khatri, 2009


“Many people are shifting to screen printing.  Most of the garment makers are using screen printed Ajrakh, as it is cheaper for them. Even our regular block print customers who made garments with our fabrics are feeling the pinch.  But through the KRV course  I have recognized that there is a separate market interested in craft, and after the course I have made products targeted at these clients.”

- Irfan Anwar Khatri, 2006


“After my experience at KRV, I know more about the traditional aspects of the craft, and how to make new designs.  I now have better speaking ability. and my confidence to speak and market has developed."

- Nomam Haji Abdul Jabbar Khatri, 2011


“KRV is a great idea.  With my education here I have been able to change my life around. I especially enjoyed the Basic Design course. We learned to make different layouts and hence can continuously keep changing our designs and keep our customers happy". - Puroshottam Premji Vankar, 2008


“It was challenge for us to do something new in our craft. Earlier we were afraid of what would happen with our craft and livelihood.  But now all the fears have gone forever. We make new designs, new products and have received good markets.”

- Murji Hamir Vankar, 2008


 “My weaving earned me only Rs. 2000 or 2500 per month and I was going to stop weaving and join a factory to earn at least Rs. 3000 to 4000 per month, but suddenly KRV gave me an opportunity…We wove just by copying others; now we prepare products looking to the needs of the customers, seasons and even the country to which they belong.” Ramji Hirabhai Maheswari, 2008


 “The most important thing I has learned from Kala Raksha is love for my craft.”

- Rajesh Vishramji Siju, 2009


“Stepping into KRV, we started using our brains.” - Tejuben Soma Rabari, 2007

“Earlier we got threads and fabrics and did the embroidery any way. In the class we learned many things and the Ahmedabad visit was an amazing experience of my life.” - Halimabai Jat, 2009

“I have come out of my shell through Kala Raksha. Earlier I was too shy to speak and now I can address a large audience.” - Varshaben Pratap, 2007

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