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Colour Class at KR Museum 2008



Workshop with KRV women graduates 2011


KRV seeks Visiting Faculty to teach a range of topics. Classes run for two weeks intensive on our residential campus. We seek experience in design education, but more important we seek individuals ready to learn from artisans, and work in a team to develop a new institution. We want teachers who come with the sense that, “I’ve never done this before!”

KRV seeks entries in our data base for: Buyers, Designers, and Suppliers. This will create a network to support the development of artisan designers.

KRV seeks design projects for graduates, highly skilled artisans, which can be carried out with our guidance. Internships or projects in a variety of situations will be appreciated.


Craft based organization will have the opportunity to work with artisans educated in design and experienced in creating design innovations.


KRV graduates will learn to work professionally as well as gain more experience in design development. In addition, the experience may establish long-term links between artisan designers and clients.



In 2011 Kala Raksha instituted workshops for anyone interested in learning the textile arts of Kutch. These workshops foster exchange, and appreciation of artisan capacity.

They take KRV a big step forward in becoming financially sustainable, and in addition open new markets for KRV alumni- teachers.  It is a win-win proposition! 


"We certainly left with a much greater appreciation for the embroidery work we've seen everywhere."  Nora, student of Maret School.  


 "I enjoyed the creative energy of working in a group." Christin, student of Oregon State University

"This was the best experience of my life so far!"  Danielle, student of Oregon State University


"Working together was a whole new experience."  Bhagvatiben, Kala Raksha embroidery artisan

"I learned enough for a whole new collection." Irfanbhai, Master block print artisan


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Kala Raksha Vidhalaya
Kala Raksha Vidhalaya